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6th-Sep-2014 07:30 pm - First and Twelfth
first and twelfth photo 1amp12_zps46389133.jpeg

"Make a caption" contest!
24th-Mar-2014 05:01 pm - A Touch of TARDIS
I haven't been on LiveJournal in a long time, but I used to know have some people following this project on LJ, and I wanted to come back here and post it!

After three years, my Special Doctor Who companion project is done :D Hope you enjoy!

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17th-Oct-2013 09:43 pm - TARDIS silk scarves and ties
bubble, blowing
I made some stamped TARDIS silk scarves and ties!

(Click on image to go to etsy listing.)
17th-Dec-2013 08:34 pm(no subject)
It's been a while. A LONG while.

I return, with a trying-to-be Charley Pollard on the R101.

Since the BBC pretty much canonised Big Finish, I thought it would be nice. Also, a friend of mine requested something months ago, and she loves Charley, so.

Also I discovered India Fisher is really hard to draw.
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Artist: mayfly_78
Title: Doctor Who Tech Series - Tardis, Tardis Console, Sonic Screwdriver, K9
Rating: Gen
Medium: Linoprints using Caligo Safe Wash oil based inks and manilla recycled card
Notes: This is this part of my planned Doctor Who linoprints series. I want to make a nice even dozen. Four in the Tech Series, four to come in the Enemies Series and four in the Graphics Series.

Jump to my journal for art
6th-Jun-2013 12:30 am - Two Doctor Who Tote Bags
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Hello! I'm a lurker to this community who is timidly making their first post. I have all sorts of ideas for Doctor Who art, but for the moment I'm on a crafting kink, brought on from opening an etsy shop.

So here are my first offering.

Title: Flock of Tardis' Tote Bag
Artist: mayfly_78
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: The Tardis
Warning: none
Spoilers: none
Materials used: Canvas tote bag, hand-carved stamp, fabric ink
Notes: You can find the bag in my etsy shop.

Title: Attack of the Daleks Tote Bag
Artist: mayfly_78
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Daleks
Warning: none
Spoilers: none
Materials used: Canvas tote bag, hand-carved stamp, fabric ink
Notes: You can find the bag in my etsy shop.

1st-Mar-2013 02:34 pm - Fanart : Vastra/Jenny
vastra x jenny
Artist: niyalune
Description : Vastra teaches Jenny how to fight

Larger version there :

LJ / DW / tumblr
comic-doctor tardis sigh
Title: "Second Chances" -- Page 3, Issue 1.
Characters: Jack
Pairing: Jack/10/9/Rose
Genre: Action, OT3, Romance, Smut. (but I'll try to keep the vibe of the show itself)
Rating: G for this page. R for later pages.
Author's Note: My original script was written in 2006, and has since undoubtedly been Jossed. However, I was so incredibly disappointed with how they explained how Jack got off the satellite that I think fans deserve this. It takes
place both immediately after 'Parting of the Ways' (season 1 finale) with Jack attempting to find his way back to the doctor and also after 'Doomsday' with 10th Doctor trying to find his way back to Rose. Smut will of course, ensue.

This comic was originally rather
successful... and then I got cold feet and didn't post again for... 6
years? I hope it can still be enjoyed by all.
Teaser: (Page 3 after the cut)
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Originally posted in doctorwho_comic . Cross-posted to better_with_3 .

4th-Oct-2012 08:31 am - The Angels Take Manhattan followup

I'm not sure how spoilery this is if you haven't seen The Angels Take Manhattan, but to the same degree it's probably not intelligible either.Collapse )

random: we're screwed
Title: I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
Artist: jigglykat
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who/Portal 2
Characters: Eleven, human!Wheatley, human!Space Core
Disclaimer: Characters used are owned by the BBC and Valve
Warning: Fairly big picture under the cut.
Spoilers: Portal 2

I Don't Want To Live On The Moon

21st-Mar-2012 10:54 pm - Work in progress McGann sketch

Because he's fluffy and my Doctor :)

This way for fluffyCollapse )
11th-Feb-2012 10:30 am - Doctor Who Magnets~
Doctor Who: 9 dance
Hey folks! Long time no write. Dunno if anyone even remembers me. But I'm still here and into Doctor Who as ever. :D I've been gearing up a neat thing for the fast-approaching Gallifrey One convention next weekend and wanted to show off my work here.


Doctor Who magnets!!

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28th-Jan-2012 06:48 pm - Multifandom chibi icons
Icons of All The Characters, and a bunch of the pairings and trios, from the Hellsing-and-more fancomic And Shine Heaven Now and its Colbert-centric spinoff The Eagle of Hermes.

Hellsing: 61
Read or Die: 10
Comics: 9 (Little Orphan Annie, Calvin and Hobbes, The Yellow Kid, Buster Brown)
Maria-sama ga Miteru: 9
Sailor Moon: 8
Fake News: 7
Good Omens: 7
Lupin III: 7
Scooby-Doo: 7
Pet Shop of Horrors: 7

Doctor Who: 6
Victorian Romance Emma: 5
Vintage Hirano hentai: 4
Jeeves & Wooster: 4
Witch Hunter Robin: 4
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 3
Saint Tail: 3
Miscellaneous: 10 (Madeline, H. G. Wells, Gunsmith Cats, Dracula, Soul Eater, Powerpuff Girls, Franken Fran, Vampire Hunter D, the Bible, fangirls)
Original Characters: 20

Total: 187. All free for use; just credit ptahrrific or And Shine Heaven Now. Source artwork: And We All Shine On.

( And we all shine on )
11th-Jan-2012 05:04 pm - Fanart – I Stole A Time Lord
DW: tardis/eleven
Title: I Stole A Time Lord
Artist: jigglykat
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Idris, the Doctor in all of his incarnations
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warning: Big pic!
Spoilers: Through S6

I Stole A Time Lord

24th-Dec-2011 01:24 pm - Awkward Family Photo
DW: xmas tardis
Title: Awkward Family Photo
Artist: jigglykat
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, the Ponds, River Song
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warning: Big pic!
Spoilers: Through S6

Notes: I sent these out as Generic Holiday Cards a week ago to some pals, but I figured I should share it with everyone else online, even if everyone is disappeary this time of year (and LJ is kind of dead).

Awkward Family Photo

Happy Holidays, everyone!
10th-Dec-2011 01:26 pm - Iris Wildthyme art

So proud of this! 

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