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23rd-Aug-2011 01:05 am(no subject)
Doctor Who :: tardis
Title: We'll Catch Up
Rating: G
Pairing: OT3 (with mild Eleven/Rory emphasis)
Spoilers/Warnings: None

(follow the preview!)
30th-Jul-2011 11:37 pm - Calendar Boys finale
The new series collection tonight, once more for the relevant facebook weeks:

August 7th-13th: Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who

August 14th-20th: David Tennant as The Doctor

August 21st-27th: Matt Smith as The Doctor
24th-Jul-2011 10:16 pm - DW/SJA crossover, PG-14

Setting/Spoilers through: the future end of Sarah Jane Adventures.

''Uh oh.''Collapse )

Thanks for reading.

12th-Jul-2011 08:55 pm - Calender Boys
Some more portraits for Facebook's forthcoming highlight weeks:

June 10th - 16th: Peter Davison as The Doctor

June 17th - 23rd: Colin Baker as The Doctor

June 24th - 30th: Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor

June 31st - August 6th: Paul McGann - Doctor Who

And some other arts:

Tom Baker as Meglos as The Doctor

Peter Davison in Kill Davros
2nd-Jul-2011 12:44 pm - Paper Dolls
Burn the Heart out of you
Hi everyone, I've got some Dr. Who articulated paper dolls that I made. The Dr. Who ones are drawn and then inked/colored digitally. I've got #10, #11, Amy Pond and Rose Tyler. I'm x-posting this to the best of my limited ability, so please forgive if you've seen this in other places. (Also I couldn't tell if pictures were allowed so I'm just going to keep it really small, and let me know if I need to change it to text, thanks!)

26th-Jun-2011 06:24 pm - More facebook inspired portraits
Just the pair, a reprise of Jon and an early completion on Tom

June 26th - July 2nd: Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who - In Colour

July 3rd - 9th: Tom Baker as Doctor Who
22nd-Jun-2011 05:23 pm - Doctor Who weeks
The Facebook Doctor Who page has been showcasing a different Doctor each week over the gap between the two halves of series 6.
I took the oppourtunity to brighten my fb with a matching scribble for each Doctor so far (although I'm one ahead)

June 12th - 18th: William Hartnell as Dr. Who

June 19th - 25th: Patrick Troughton as Dr. Who

June 26th - July 2nd: Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who
19th-Jun-2011 12:36 am - Full Fathom Five
Cutesy Blnk D84
It's been a looong time since I've posted. But I recently finished a piece for a friend of mine who commissioned me for an image from the Big Finish Audio Full Fathom Five (he obviously knew the way to get on my good side).
So I drew the version of the badass Alternate Universe Doctor played by David Collings

A Means To An EndCollapse )
18th-Jun-2011 01:13 pm - Doctor Who Fancomic
Crochet: Peace Love
Cross posted to crafty_tardis , who directed me here =D

I've started a Doctor Who fan comic. Not just any sort of fan comic, mind you... it's a Sprite comic. Please don't hurt me.

Anyway, the comic is called "Time and Relative Dimensions in Sprites" and I am doing my best to keep it COMPLETELY SPOILER FREE. I'm probably going to fail at this, but I am making an effort!

Click here to be transported!
17th-Jun-2011 12:42 am - Fanart : River's birthday, 1814

( You can see it at my journal )

or here at my deviantart.

Spoilers : tiny one for A Good Man Goes to War.
A/N : First post here :) ! Concrit very much welcome !

crossposted @ spoiler_song and doctorwho 
16th-Jun-2011 08:01 pm - My Tardis key
This hangs up on my window, there was a pretty sunset behind it so I got all arty farty and decided to take some photos of it. I love my iPhone to bits, I have over 20 camera apps. I think this came out quite well.

Come away with meCollapse )
14th-Jun-2011 08:36 pm - Together They Fight Crime
random: hello ladies
Title: Together They Fight Crime
Artist: jigglykat
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Madame Vastra/Jenny
Disclaimer: Characters used are owned by the BBC
Warning: Fairly big picture under the cut.
Spoilers: Characters for 6x07 - "A Good Man Goes To War"

One's a Silurian. The other is a maid.

Together They Fight Crime

13th-Jun-2011 10:30 pm - More Alex Kingston
 Aka - River Song. I'm extremely proud of this one, but my god her hair is a nightmare!

13th-Jun-2011 06:25 pm - 'Love and War'
A Photoshop artwork wallpaper that I threw together inspired by a certain character pairing seen in the episode 'A good Man Goes to War'. (spoilers) Read more...Collapse )
9th-Jun-2011 01:52 am - Rory's Alarm Clock
amy rory embrace -- 1erecedwardfan
From my deviant art page, a bit of Rory & Amy pillow soft fluff!

Bunk beds are cool!Collapse )
7th-Jun-2011 03:47 pm - Art Exchange for Kowarth
Eight: B&W
Thank god for extensions. Better late than never though! Art exchange sketch for kowarth inspired by his Alice Cooper song and the fact that Eight's clothes are, for all intents and purposes, a Halloween costume.

Art behind the cutCollapse )
7th-Jun-2011 09:25 pm - River Song sketch

*link fixed*

Inspired by [info]freyja's recent art exchange entry, I decided to have a go at colouring. I've never actually coloured any of my drawings before so this was a new experience. I stole my little brother's 99p box of pencils and has a bash as River Song.

I'm actually quite impressed with the result. I would scan her but my scanner tends to kill any kind of pencil drawing so I imagine the colour would get ruined.
See her here*link fixed

art, kickass
fleurette, I hope you can forgive me for being so slow. Here is the first piece I did for you, just finished up last night. You said you were into Rory and Amy and "How Could I Ever Know" from The Secret Garden gave me an idea, from one of my favorite Who episodes ever:

How can I say not to dream about me?Collapse )

Expect at least one more. :) I've already started work on it.
Hey there! For those who know that Neil Gaiman now writes scenarios for DW and for those who enjoy his books, I have made sort of... fan-art on the original book cover of "M is for Magic" by N. Gaiman.

Notice the quote in the left corner is also changed (for the better XD ) ^^ Hope you like it, anyway.

I don't find the Doctor's actions in the last scene of The Almost People to be as of concern or out of character as some do. But Moffat warned us that this year he means to remind us that the Doctor isn't human, or safe.

Spoilers for The Almost PeopleCollapse )

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