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Doctor Who sketches
Doctor Who Comic -- "Second Chances" page 3 -- first new page in 6 years! lol 
1st-Feb-2013 06:56 pm
comic-doctor tardis sigh
Title: "Second Chances" -- Page 3, Issue 1.
Characters: Jack
Pairing: Jack/10/9/Rose
Genre: Action, OT3, Romance, Smut. (but I'll try to keep the vibe of the show itself)
Rating: G for this page. R for later pages.
Author's Note: My original script was written in 2006, and has since undoubtedly been Jossed. However, I was so incredibly disappointed with how they explained how Jack got off the satellite that I think fans deserve this. It takes
place both immediately after 'Parting of the Ways' (season 1 finale) with Jack attempting to find his way back to the doctor and also after 'Doomsday' with 10th Doctor trying to find his way back to Rose. Smut will of course, ensue.

This comic was originally rather
successful... and then I got cold feet and didn't post again for... 6
years? I hope it can still be enjoyed by all.
Teaser: (Page 3 after the cut)

page3x copy
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17th-Dec-2013 08:35 pm (UTC)
<3 Beautiful!
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