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Doctor Who sketches

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The 500-Year Diary
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Doctor Who fan artists
Like Doctor Who? Like art? You win!

Posting Rules:

Artistic Guidelines - Your visual art must be in some way, shape or form about Doctor Who. Artists of all skill levels are welcome! Drawings are what's expected, but scanned/digital photographs of other forms of visual art are welcome. Show us your homemade daleks, your Davros toothbrush holders, whatever; we'll take it all. If you scrap a work in progress, but still want to post it, feel free. We will accept icons, fanvids, and flash animations as well.

Livejournal Cuts - This is an essential thing that all proper snobs on Livejournal must follow. LJ cuts are a common courtesy for those of us with slower connections, and for the people that don't want their friend's lists clogged. All pieces must be put under a LJ-cut or hyper-linked. Don't know how to do an LJ-cut? Go here.

Livejournal Tags - LJ tags are used so people on the community can easily find fan art of a specific Doctor Who character. I understand that some people can't be bothered to tag their entries, which is fine. Please either use the provided LJ tags to tag your posted art, or simply put "untagged entry" in the subject heading of your post so the moderator(s) can tag the post for you.

Content - Anything is acceptable in terms of content... slash, violent or sexually explicit content are all okay with us. However, some of us are viewing this community at work or school, and a double-purpose of the LJ-cuts is to warn people of potentially offensive content. Please tell us (above your LJ cut) if your piece has adult content.

Additionally any work posted direct to the community of 15/ R or above should be friends-locked. Links to such work in galleries or other journals need only include a fair warning in the link.

Be Nice - No randomly telling people their stuff is crap. ALL our stuff is crap... we're fan artists - our job is to produce crap! If you feel someone needs a bit of critique on their piece, be constructive.

New to Doctor Who? Worse yet, never even heard of Doctor Who? Check out Newbie's Guide to Doctor Who to figure out what's going on and where...

Looking for a place to upload your pics?
Photobucket allows for direct linking.

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